My first novel, BABY X, will be published by small press Mother’s Milk Books in June 2016 and is available to pre-order now.

BABY X is a psychological thriller about motherhood, technology and medical ethics.

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“Alex Mansfield, the doctor leading a groundbreaking project to grow a human foetus in an artificial uterus, has gone on the run and taken the newborn baby with her. While the child’s parents wait anxiously for news, and the world’s media clamour for answers, Alex’s colleagues are shocked by her actions. Has Alex stolen the baby, or is there another motive behind her disappearance?

Baby X is a Brave New World for the twenty-first century, weaving science and medical ethics into an intimate thriller; asking questions without offering easy answers.”

You can download the first chapter of Baby X as a PDF or read it as a blog post here.

You can order Baby X directly from Mother’s Milk Books or from me via Paypal for £8.99 + £1.80 postage (total £10.79).

Discounts are also available for book groups. Contact me for more information.



You can find out more about my journey to finding a publisher for Baby X in Get Your Book Published, a free ebook from Authors Publish Magazine. The book features 10 authors’ individual paths to publication. It’s full of tips and useful resources and is available to download here.

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One of my stories is published in THE FORGOTTEN AND THE FANTASTICAL 2, a collection of fairy-tales for modern audiences, also published by Mother’s Milk Books.


Buy this book direct from the publisher here.

Alternatively buy it via Amazon here.



I’ve written 2 other novels which haven’t found homes yet:

HE, SHE, IT is a dystopian novel for teenagers, and SEAL SKIN is a magical adventure story for children 10+.


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